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Helping Hands

Every donation goes towards sustaining the community building efforts and initiatives. You can do your part by making a donation today.

Who We Are

St. Julian Salvation is a non-profit organization, working for the betterment of the community. We work to build the community through multiple outreach efforts. Our outreach efforts consists of Food Giveaways, Hygiene Kit Donations, Free Haircuts, along with Trade & Industry Mentorship for the youth and young adults. The main objective of our Mentorship Program is to promote vocational skills using eccentric, modern, and traditional methods of development.


No upcoming events at the moment

St. Julian Salvation not only promotes development through outreach events and support, but also advancement assistance in post-secondary education. We believe in empowering the community to flourish by providing core values such as Integrity, Strength, Accountability and a sense of Purpose. Our goal is to render effective programs with positive interaction.

What We Offer



City of Compton, District 2 


St. Julian Barbershop

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