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St. Julian Salvation

Barber Boot Camp

Barber Boot Camp is a 12-Week Program, designed for youth and young adults from ages 15 to 20. St. Julian Salvation offers this program free of charge, to encourage a skilled trade that can lead to a future opportunity for a career in cosmetology. As the world and economy changes, it is important to have sustainable skills that can provide stability.

This 12-Week course consists of an interactive curriculum in:

  • Leadership Development

  • Barber Fundamentals

  • Techniques

  • Hands-On Practice

All tools and materials will be provided, with the exception of a barber smock. Each student must purchase their own barber smock, as a show of commitment and dedication to the Boot Camp. Smocks are necessary by the second week of class, and can be purchased online, or at a local Beauty Supply/Barber Supply store. Students are also welcomed to bring their own clippers, although it is not a requirement.

All Instructors and Volunteers are Certified in their respected professions, and have been properly vetted and background checked, to ensure the safety and health of every individual and student.

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